Wednesday, June 24

River Fun

This is Henry protesting the floaties. It went on for about 30 minutes but it did not end in vomit so it was good.
This is my attempt at a picture of the two older boys.

The boys made Sea World at the river. If you cannot go to Sea World then bring Sea World to you.

Norman wanted to go fishing so bad. After about 2 minutes he was board. When he reeled it in he saw the bait that was a very small fish. He kept saying I caught a fish. I had to break the news and tell him it was only the bait. Later I heard him telling a boy he caught a bake fish.

This is Stephen on our way home from church. He thinks he is hilarious. He had 3 of the the 4 of us in the car with him gagging by the time we got back. Would you call that a talent?

This is how Mark enjoys the River. Our first day he got what looked like a 2nd degree burn on his feet. He avoided the sun after that.

My brother Kevin came with us and this is the day we flew kites. Our friends the Bain's invited us to their favorite vacation spot. Mark was able to find a few days he could spare from work to go with us. That is a joke for those who did not catch on. We had tons of fun. Thank you Bain's.

Monday, June 8

Splash Mountain

My Disneyland Adventure

My birthday buddy and me. People told us happy birthday all day, wonder how they knew?
Taking pictures of myself on a ride, I did that a lot.

Rachel is freaking out.

This is the Whinne the Pooh ride. It was really scary. This is the part right before they dumped honey on our heads and let real bears lick it off.

While we were eating they wanted people who are celebrating to come up and dance with them. While we were partying it up they threw our food away. It almost ruined my birthday but luckily I was able to pull through.


Splash Mountain

Small World. We had a great day and were worn out by 7pm.

Thursday, June 4

Pre-school graduation

Names have been removed to protect identities. Stephen had his pre-school graduation today. My friend organized a pre-school and soccer team for some boys in the ward at the start of the school year. Stephen has learned so much and has enjoyed it very much. Thank you Mrs. Bain for teaching our boys.

Don't shoot your eye out.

Henry loves weapons. This is his favorite. He calls it his shoot gun. He sleeps with it.

Happy Birthday to Me!

I am almost 31 but we already celebrated my birthday with my family on Sunday. My sister was born on my birthday, June 6th, when I was 3 and that year my mom made me an angel food cake with sherbet ice cream inside and whip cream frosting with sprinkles. It is now a tradition that my mom makes my sister Rachel and I one on our birthday every year. Rachel had her first baby girl last year on June 4th so now I have to share my party with her too. She got the same cake but in mini size. I love having a birthday buddy.