Thursday, August 28

The missing tooth

Norman lost his first tooth. The night before he woke up crying saying he bumped his mouth. The next night after they brushed teeth I noticed his tooth was missing. He had no idea it was gone. I freaked out because I did not think he was old enough to loose a tooth yet, so I called my mom. She told me it was normal. We searched for the tooth and did not find it and no, I will not be searching his stool for it. We had to write the Tooth Fairy a note as to why it was missing and she did end up leaving him a dollar anyways, but she wants his next tooth. His other bottom one is loose too.

School Days

Norman and Stephen are both in school now. Norman started a few weeks ago and loves Kindergarten. He gets purple stars when he is good and so far he has gotten one everyday. He rides his bike to school and I chase after him with the stroller. Stephen started today. He is doing speech Tuesday mornings for 30 minutes and a mommy and me Preschool for 1 hour and then Soccer practice after. They do not yet have a team name yet, but watch out he is fierce.

Friday, August 22

How does your garden grow?

We have a garden. Mark was told to have a garden and then he came home and built me 5 garden boxes. I did not want a garden since I already feel overwhelmed but I really had no choice after he built the boxes. We planted seeds and boy did they grow. I just hope we did not plant them too late. I am looking forward to harvest time. Stephen is looking forward to the corn. Norman says he would rather have ice cream than carrots but he will eat the watermelon. We are happy that we have a garden.

Cheyenne and Billy

The Rasmussen's are crazy. We got a bunny named Billy and all was well, then in a moment of weakness I said we could get a dog and now well we have one. She is a Lab named Cheyenne. With all the work she is I told Mark we should have just had another kid. Things are starting to calm down again. She is sleeping through the night and is better potty trained. She is an inside dog but when we leave we put her out and she whines. The neighbors said they can hear her at 6 am every morning when Mark leaves for work. Now since she is doing better at potty training he can leave her in, but she sits at the bottom of the stairs and whines because no one is with her. Last week Billy got under the fence and ran away. I told Norman and he cried for 10 minutes at least. I felt so bad, but not bad enough to get him another bunny.

At the beach

This summer we also went to the beach. We camped 2 nights and went down to the beach two times. The boys loved being at the beach. They built sandcastles, played in the water and caught sand crabs. Up at camp they went on bike rides with daddy. We had a fun summer but now it is back to work for Mark.


This Summer we went to the Philmont Training Center for Mark to get some scout training. We took a 20 hour train ride there and back and that was an adventure in itself. At Philmont we slept in an a frame. The boys went off to do their activities while we did ours. Norman and Stephen loved the pony rides. It rained 4 of the days so Henry and Stephen had fun playing in the puddles. Mark went to class while I did something called COPE. In COPE I got to do the flying squirrel, the confidence pole (scariest thing I have ever done), and zip lining. I also got to go horse back riding and go on a hike. As a family we did the T Rex hike and took a tour. We had a wonderful time and did not want to leave.