Thursday, January 28

This is what bedtime looks like at my house.

At my house this is bedtime. After the kids have been bathed, dressed, brushed and flossed they all get tucked in. Norman in his top bunk, Stephen in the bottom bunk, Henry in the toddler bed with Power Ranger costume on, boots on and sward in hand, and Cheyenne in her bed. Then Daddy reads Harry Potter to top it off. This is the first night Mommy will not attend so we can break Henry of having me sit by his bed till he falls asleep.

Thursday, January 21

Baby Girl's Room

The room is not yet done because I am waiting on Mark to put up the chair rail between the white paint and pink paint. When that is done I can put up the crib and put on the bedding. I made almost everything or recovered it. The dresser knobs went from blue to pink. The diaper basket that was blue got recovered and the Peter Rabbit lamp got recovered too. I decorated the 4 frames that will hand above the crib and the 3 flower decorations that go above the window. I love the decals in the corner of the door too. My sister gave me the idea to stripe the walls. I love to just sit in there and stair at it all. I am so excited for a girl.

Henry is 3

We had a family Bakugan party for Henry. He loved it.