Tuesday, March 31


Today we went to Cabazon to the Dinosaur museum. The boys had a blast. We got to do a dino dig and pan for rocks. Inside some of the dinosaurs move and Henry was very afraid. I got him a gun and knife, his favorite, and he held onto those the entire day and still is holding them. He shot dinosaurs all day.

First Time Bowlers

It is Norman's Spring Break so I took the boys bowling for the first time. Stephen totally dominated the game. Norman preferred to bowl granny style and Stephen liked the throw it. He thew it so hard the one time it went into the next lane. They had lots of fun.

Thursday, March 26


I think this is there first time on a merry-go-round. Norman and Stephen both fell off at least once.

Saturday, March 7

Snow Day

Today we went to the snow. We had so much fun. The boys loved sledding and Henry's favorite part was kicking down his snowman we made.

Friday, March 6

Man Supers

It has been so cold and they boys have been wearing nothing but bathing suits and their capes Grandma made them for Christmas. Norman says they are playing Man Supers and he is Fireman and Stephen is Stripeman. Crazy kids!

Dear Uncle Michael

We write letters to our missionary Uncle Michael. I try to write what the kids say verbatim. I love their letters. I wish I would have taken a picture of Stephen's too because he had about 40 so's in it for I love you so so so much.

Student of the Month

Norman had an awards assembly today and he got Student of the Month, way to go Norman. He gets to go to lunch with the Principal in a few weeks.

Monday, March 2

Apple Valley BMX

We went to the Apple Valley BMX track this weekend. We had lots of fun. It was a beautiful place with lots of rock for the kids to climb on. Norman took 3rd place and Mark took 5th. Henry thought he was a mountain goat and he was going full speed up and down the mountain never looking back. This is a picture of his hand after climbing. He is a tough kid.


Norman had a transportation parade at school and was asked to make a firetruck. We worked for hours on it and he was so excited for the parade. Mark took the day off to see it. We get there and wait and wait to see Norman come out. Finally I spot him in a corner with a teacher and go see what is going on. He said he got nervous and threw up so I tried to get him to walk in the parade but he did not want to.