Saturday, November 15

I am thankful for...

Norman made this at school and on the back tail feather is says I am thankful for bike riding.

Listen to your mother!

This is what happens when siblings do not clean up their marker.


Thursday, November 13

Pie anyone?

I am so excited right now, I just made my first pie. For Enrichment Night my friend Shannon taught us how to make pie crusts and I am so happy with how mine turned out. I just hope I can do this again. I have the before and after pictures for you. The pie is cooling right now and I cannot wait to taste it.

Sunday, November 9

Extreme Sports

We have found our families sport and it is BMX racing. Mark and Norman are already into it and Stephen wants to do it very badly. We are now trying to teach him to ride a two wheeler so he can start. Norman is enjoying it a lot and Mark loves it. We will stick with this until we get a broken bone. When Mark got his new bike he had me drive it home. It was on top of my van and I forgot and tried to pull into the garage. There was a big crash. Sorry Mark.

Noodle Nose

About 2 hours after dinner, I will let you guess what we ate, Henry sneezed this out. Mark told me to get the camera. When I pulled it out it was 3 times longer than what you see. Yes this is gross.

Pumpkin Carving

I got 2 pumpkins this year so Norman and Stephen could pick what they wanted on theirs. Norman picked his out of a pumpkin carving kit and Stephen, of course, picked Thomas. I got it all set up in the garage so the kids could help and it could get messy. I could barley get Stephen to pickup the lid for a picture. They said it was slimy and would not even think of putting their hands inside. They ditched me once it was time to clean it out.