Wednesday, May 4

Four little monkeys.

There are lots of fun things about having a girl and one of them is dresses.  As soon as I realized she could wear dresses to bed I put in a special order with the Easter Bunny for a pajama dress.  I love it.

The hunt is on.

I love this picture of Henry looking for the Easter eggs.

Megan and her little friend.

Stephen with his Easter school loot.

Megan's second Easter.

After the hunt at Grandmas.

Megan and her cousin Elliott.

Happy Harvest.

We wanted to plant strawberries last year but our dog likes strawberries more than we do.  So we planted a strawberries patch in the front yard.  Christine in my ward was getting rid of some plants so we got them from her.  This year they are doing great.  About every week to every other we get a bowl full of berries.  Henry is the only one who will eat them with me.  These pictures are from 2 different weeks.