Sunday, December 7


I started these January and just finished them. I made Norman's first because he wanted his first. He liked pink and purple then and wanted lots more of those colors on his stocking, I talked him into less. Now at the end of the year he likes red and blue and wanted me to change his stocking. Sorry Norman, no can do.

Christmas Presents

Baby Rudolph in his nest

Stephen has been watching the Rudolph movie and asks me to call him baby Rudolph. He has me make nests for him out of blankets. He sleeps in them at night too. Henry wanted a nest too one day.

Santa Dog

Monday, December 1

California Snowman

We are so excited for Christmas. The kids ask me every night if Santa is coming. We wanted to make a snowman and since snow is scarce and tumble weeds are a plenty we did our best.

Norman and Uncle Kevin

My brother Kevin vowed not to cut his hair until my other brother Michael returned from his mission. Michael has been gone 9 months.

Norman's first race

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This is Norman's very first race. The first one he comes in first, the Second race he comes in second, and the third race he comes in second so he takes home the second place trophy.

Our first race

Mark and Norman had their first race. Mark took home a 3rd place trophy and Norman a 2nd place trophy. I was so excited and am now waiting for Mark to put up a trophy shelf. We had some family come to watch and it was lots of fun.

Saturday, November 15

I am thankful for...

Norman made this at school and on the back tail feather is says I am thankful for bike riding.

Listen to your mother!

This is what happens when siblings do not clean up their marker.


Thursday, November 13

Pie anyone?

I am so excited right now, I just made my first pie. For Enrichment Night my friend Shannon taught us how to make pie crusts and I am so happy with how mine turned out. I just hope I can do this again. I have the before and after pictures for you. The pie is cooling right now and I cannot wait to taste it.

Sunday, November 9

Extreme Sports

We have found our families sport and it is BMX racing. Mark and Norman are already into it and Stephen wants to do it very badly. We are now trying to teach him to ride a two wheeler so he can start. Norman is enjoying it a lot and Mark loves it. We will stick with this until we get a broken bone. When Mark got his new bike he had me drive it home. It was on top of my van and I forgot and tried to pull into the garage. There was a big crash. Sorry Mark.

Noodle Nose

About 2 hours after dinner, I will let you guess what we ate, Henry sneezed this out. Mark told me to get the camera. When I pulled it out it was 3 times longer than what you see. Yes this is gross.

Pumpkin Carving

I got 2 pumpkins this year so Norman and Stephen could pick what they wanted on theirs. Norman picked his out of a pumpkin carving kit and Stephen, of course, picked Thomas. I got it all set up in the garage so the kids could help and it could get messy. I could barley get Stephen to pickup the lid for a picture. They said it was slimy and would not even think of putting their hands inside. They ditched me once it was time to clean it out.

Tuesday, October 28

Halloween Spooktakular!!!

Let the festivities begin. We have officially kicked off Halloween with our annual Ward Halloween Party. At this party Mark is Clark Kent AKA Superman, I am Lois Lane, Norman is a BMX racer, Stephen is Thomas and Henry a train conductor.

Thursday, October 16

Day at the Fair

We had a fun time at the little Perris fair this year. We only left because we got froze out. We watched the pig races and saw all the animals. Norman and Stephen got to pet a snake and pick one ride to go on. Mark got to race in Nascar. Mark wants to get Norman into dirt bike racing so he got him a dirt bike and we watched the bike stunts to get Norman more interested. Mark is living out his dreams through Norman. I just hope Norman enjoys it.

Thursday, October 9

Please help protect my Family!!!

Dear Family and Friends,

Please help me protect my family. We are voting YES on Prop 8 because if it fails to pass some of my religious rights and freedoms of speech will be taken away. It may not be all at once, but it will happen slowly over time. In Massachusetts and Canada where same-sex marriage is allowed freedoms and rights have already been taken away. People are being sewed for what they believe. Tolerance has to go both ways. I am tolerant of what others do that I do not believe and they need to be tolerant of what I believe. We can disagree and still love each other. I am religious and I read the Bible and I know where God stands on the issue so I cannot back down even if the law changes. I am concerned about mine and my children's future if Prop 8 fails. Some people think if it fails the only consequence is that same sex marriages will continue to happen, but there is much more that will change. Churches will be sued if they refuse to allow same-sex marriage ceremonies in their religious buildings that are open to the public. Religious adoption agencies who will not place kids with same-sex couples will be forced to comply or shut down. My 5 year old son will be taught in school that it is okay for him to marry a man or a woman. Ministers who preach against same-sex marriages will be sued for hate speech. And it will cost you money for all the legal changes that will need to be made. Like I said this kind of stuff is already happening in other areas so do not think it will not happen here. Please help me protect my children's futures by voting YES on Prop 8. It is important to me.

Katherine Joy

Spider Dog

Spider Dog, Spider Dog, does whatever a Spider Dog does. This year Cheyenne wanted to be Spider Dog. The boys are starting to like her and they will hug her and say Cheyenne you are my best girl. What am I chopped liver.