Thursday, December 24

Christmas with Dad

My Dad got all the grand kids matching PJs for Christmas and they looked so cute. My kids have never had matching PJs or Christmas PJs so I was so excited. Good job Dad.

Friday, December 11

Stephen the director

Stephen has made another youtube video. It is much better than the first.

Monday, December 7

Christmas Tree Lane

I wish I got a shot of the house because it was amazing. Stephen's face says it all.

A visit to the Real Santa

We got to see the Real Santa tonight. He was in the Gateway and Disneyland Commercial. Usually they take the picture in the sleigh but it was really cold and rainy. They took the picture in Santa's big red chair and he had a pile of toys to hand out to the kids. I only got Henry to go see him because I told him Santa would not bring him anything if he did not.

Tuesday, November 24

Day Out With Thomas

For those of you who know Stephen you know he loves Thomas the train. We surprised him this year by taking him to Day Out With Thomas. He was very happy when we got there and he figured out what was going on. He could hear Thomas' whistle blow. He was so happy he even gave me a good smile for a picture. We got him a poster to remember the day and he asks almost everyday if we can go back. He was very interested in how Thomas got from the Island of Sodor to our planet as he called it. He had lots of questions.

Awards Assembly

Norman had an awards assembly where he got the Principal's Award for outstanding achievement and citizenship and he got the People Respecting Others award. During Norman's parent teacher conference his teacher told Mark that Norman is the only student that will play with the disabled kids. That warmed my heart to hear. During Norman's assembly Henry got a pretzel caught in his throat and choked and threw up. I was so happy that I was able to catch it all in the zip lock the pretzels were in with no mess. It was a very successful assembly.

If looks could kill.

Monday, November 23

Stephen's first movie

Here is Stephen's first Thomas movie he has made. He loves to get on You Tube and watch them so Mark helped him make his very own.

Wednesday, November 18

It's a Girl

My BFF Amber B brought me over an outfit right away and then watched my kids so I could go get one. I am so excited.

Thursday, November 5

Dr. McSteamy

Halloween is a magical time when you can be whatever your imagination can think up. Our van became a monster with sharp blood thirsty teeth, thanks to my mom. Mark turned into Dr. McSteamy, I was a wicked witch, Norman was Optimus Prime, Stephen was Superman, Henry was Bakugan Master Dan and Cheyenne was a dog. Really she has no imagination.

Monday, October 26

How do they do it?

Today Henry comes running over to me very upset because he has got his head stuck in a DVD case. How did he do that? I start laughing and think, should I get the camera or pull it off? Mark says get the camera so I go to take the picture and he runs at me angry and swats the camera from my hands. I was laughing so hard. I am glad I got a shot because this picture is so funny.

Daddy to the rescue

On our way home from Grandma's house I hear Stephen's favorite line, "a little help here". I ask him what is wrong and he said he got his finger stuck. We get home and I go in the house and wonder why Stephen is not coming in. When I go to check on him he is sitting patiently with his finger stuck in his booster seat. We try to pull it out but cannot and he tells me we need to put oil on it to get it out. I bring out lotion and that does nothing so we bring him and the seat in the house and pour oil on it and nothing. We also tried to ice the finger to make is shrink because we are getting desperate. I tell Mark he is going to have to cut him out so be brings in wire cutters. Stephen is very worried we are going to cut his finger off. He keeps telling us to not cut it off. After 45 minutes of cutting we get his finger out in one piece. As for the booster seat it went out with the trash. Good job daddy.

Halloween party with my mom

We got to go to my moms wards Halloween party. Norman was Optimus Prime, Stephen was Superman, and Henry was Bakugan Master Dan. The first picture is my mom and Henry passing out candy in front of our monster van, the next one is Norman and Stephen sitting in the car eating their candy telling me they want to go home. The last one is Henry putting his Bakugans in his pocket.

We have been sick.

Someone in my family has been sick for the last 6 weeks. It just keeps going from one to the next and then back again. Right now we are working on getting Mark all better and then maybe we can take a few weeks off and be healthy.

Wednesday, October 7

Mark's baby has arrived

If you did not know Mark was expecting, well he was. Redline is 22.8lbs and 24 inches. His baby has arrived after months of waiting. He has been calling me all day asking if his baby is here yet. We had to move Henry out of his bed but I think we will have to get it a bigger one anyways so Henry, stop crying, you can have your bed back.


I guess this is the best place for a nap. Think I'll try it out right now.

Monday, October 5

Go Norman Go!

On Friday Norman had an assembly where he was named Student of the Month for October. He will get to go to lunch with the principal. He is the one in the red shirt.
On Friday Norman also got his big trophy to show he moves up to intermediate. He had to get 8 first places to advance. He was very happy and took the trophy to school today to show. I am very nervous it will get broken and I will have a very sad child on my hands.

Monday, September 28

Fall Decor

The boys love helping me decorate for the different seasons. Fall decor is out.

Monday, September 21

Sleeping boy

Stephen got really tired at the beach. We tried to wake him and he was sleeping so violently sitting up we finaly layed him down. Mark woke him up by sticking a red vine in his mouth and while sleeping he starts to eat it and then wakes up by the time he is done.

Friday, September 11

No Espanol

My kids now love watching the Spanish PBS station. They found it one day and prefer it over English cartoons. They get mad when I try to change the station when the cartoons are over and the other shows start. It gives me a headache and drives me craze because I do not understand it. They ask me questions and I say, "I don't know I don't speak Spanish". Stephen likes to play Thomas on the Internet and now he wants to play it in Spanish so he does. One morning Stephen go in my bed and Norman was trying to get him downstairs and Stephen said he was too tired. Norman said, "Let's go put on Spanish cartoons" and Stephen said ,"Okay" and jumped out of bed. Maybe one day they will start speaking Spanish.

Monday, August 31

Girls Night

I went to a girls night at my friend Jennifer's house and when I got there my ribbon box fell out of my car and opened up and my ribbon started falling down the storm drain I was parked next to. I went in and told my friend and her husband over heard and said he would get it. He was in his nice work clothes and he opened up the man hole on the sidewalk and climbed down and saved my ribbon. What a hero, thank you Steve.

Christmas in August

We had Christmas in August with our Ward. The boys got to sit on Santa's lap and got to get a token good for one ice cream. When the ice cream truck came they all got the biggest popsicle they had. After they played with water balloons and water guns.


This year the only thing that grew in my garden was my squash. It was nice and big but of course no one in my family likes it but me and this baby does not like it either so I had to give it away. How sad.

It's amazing what you can do with paper.

For Mark's birthday the ladies in his pod at school got him pizza, sodas, gifts and even had homemade party favors. They were all arranged to look like a cake and filled with candy. I just think they are beautiful. It is amazing what you can do with paper.

Tuesday, August 11

My Favorite Things

I found these stickers at Joann's and put them in the corner of my kitchen window. I just love them and they are my new favorite decoration for now.

Thursday, August 6

Good Bye Kevin

My brother Kevin is 26 and just left this week to go on his mission. He is such a great uncle and all the grand kids will miss him a lot. My brother Michael will be coming home end of January 2010. So by then they will have one uncle to play with.

Wednesday, August 5

New projects

I have been working on new projects around the house. This is my new sign my sister taught me how to do and she learned it from my friend Suzy. We will be doing this for our Super Saturday this year.
These are my favorite pictures of my boys so I decoupaged them onto wood blocks.

Under our shelves I put up something that I found online called refrigerator relief. We are also doing this project for Super Saturday. It is so you can hang up your kids artwork. Someone also thought it would make a great stalking holder if you used Christmas paper.