Monday, August 31

Girls Night

I went to a girls night at my friend Jennifer's house and when I got there my ribbon box fell out of my car and opened up and my ribbon started falling down the storm drain I was parked next to. I went in and told my friend and her husband over heard and said he would get it. He was in his nice work clothes and he opened up the man hole on the sidewalk and climbed down and saved my ribbon. What a hero, thank you Steve.

Christmas in August

We had Christmas in August with our Ward. The boys got to sit on Santa's lap and got to get a token good for one ice cream. When the ice cream truck came they all got the biggest popsicle they had. After they played with water balloons and water guns.


This year the only thing that grew in my garden was my squash. It was nice and big but of course no one in my family likes it but me and this baby does not like it either so I had to give it away. How sad.

It's amazing what you can do with paper.

For Mark's birthday the ladies in his pod at school got him pizza, sodas, gifts and even had homemade party favors. They were all arranged to look like a cake and filled with candy. I just think they are beautiful. It is amazing what you can do with paper.

Tuesday, August 11

My Favorite Things

I found these stickers at Joann's and put them in the corner of my kitchen window. I just love them and they are my new favorite decoration for now.

Thursday, August 6

Good Bye Kevin

My brother Kevin is 26 and just left this week to go on his mission. He is such a great uncle and all the grand kids will miss him a lot. My brother Michael will be coming home end of January 2010. So by then they will have one uncle to play with.

Wednesday, August 5

New projects

I have been working on new projects around the house. This is my new sign my sister taught me how to do and she learned it from my friend Suzy. We will be doing this for our Super Saturday this year.
These are my favorite pictures of my boys so I decoupaged them onto wood blocks.

Under our shelves I put up something that I found online called refrigerator relief. We are also doing this project for Super Saturday. It is so you can hang up your kids artwork. Someone also thought it would make a great stalking holder if you used Christmas paper.

Tuesday, August 4

Swim Lessons

This year the boys were in different swim classes. They both have made a huge improvement from last year. They will now put their faces in the water on there own. Whenever it was Stephen's turn to jump in he would spend some time trying to convince his teacher not to let him go under the water. Norman can swim now and I am so glad for that. They both jumped off the diving board no problem. When Stephen jumped off he jumped so far he jumped on the guy's head who caught him.

Beach Camping

Every year we go camping at the beach with my family. One day Stephen fell off the trailer bike and got really bad road rash all over his body so the next day he went and had a fun day with daddy instead of going down to the water. We also made a trip to the Orange County Fair. If the boys did not cry so much about going on rides it might have been fun. Every one survived the beach. The boys were really brave this year. Stephen wore a life vest and was sucked out once but the next wave threw him back on shore. Luckily I was able to catch Henry every time he almost got sucked out.