Sunday, April 26

10 years of bliss

The bliss part is a joke. We have now been married for 10 years. I told Mark all I wanted was for him to get my ring dipped. I have had it for 10 years now and it is scratched and dull. He on the other had is on his 3rd ring because he keeps loosing them. I told him 3 strikes your out. So my ring goes missing a day or two before our anniversary and he says I lost it and need to start looking for it, I knew better. About 3 weeks later he brings me a dozen white roses and as I am trimming them and arranging them he keeps walking by and looking at me funny. Finally when they are in the vase looking good he comes over and asks me if I looked at them so I figure my ring is probably in there somewhere. It was attached to a stem by a wire. He was not too happy that I did not see it. Thanks for trying to make me think my ring was lost honey. I got my ring back and it looks good as new.
For our 10 year get away Mark wanted to take me camping over night up the Palm Springs tram. I had always wanted to go up there. Once when we were dating Mark took me and saw the prices and so I did not get to go then. Anyways Mark said it could be cold and that the temperature could get to freezing and that there was patchy snow. We were backpacking in and Mark invited some other couples along. We go up the tram and eat dinner at the top and it was nice. Then we walk out to start our 2 1/2 mile hike and there is 70 mph winds and it is night. We start along with another couple to meet the other 2 couples who went ahead so they could eat at the camp site. The other couple in our group only had one flashlight that went dead soon after it was turned on. We start our hike and after 1/4 mile we cross a stream and find ourselves in 4foot deep snow and the trail is under the snow. Mark thinks he know how to get to the camp sits so we follow him. About the time we are ready to give up we see a light. We follow the light that seems to be moving because it was. We just keep following the light as we are falling through the snow up to our waist. When we catch the light we find it is a group with GPS going to the same site we are. We try to follow them best we can and continue to fall in and step in streams and cross over dangerous ravines stumbling along. We lose the light but try to follow their foot steps best we can and find camp maybe 1 hour or so later. I am freezing and wet and it takes Mark about 30 min to set up the tent because he had to find the perfect area. We get in and I try to get warm. My feet are frozen and all night the wind is howling and it is not too comfortable. I think I slept but I am not sure. The next morning my pant legs are frozen stiff and so were my shoes. I had to work hard to get them on my feet and then had to keep moving to keep my feet from freezing. After breakfast we packed up and headed back. The way back was not to bad because the snow had frozen harder, we were on the trail, and we could see. One of the men did take a bad fall and I thought we were going to have to carry him back but he was able to walk. It was really beautiful there. As Mark said it was real, it was fun, but it was not real fun. The last picture is Mark walking through the river with his boots on. I wish I had boots.

Monday, April 20

Let the Hunt Begin

On Easter the boys got Easter baskets and wore their Easter outfits Grandma Rasmussen got them. After church we went to Grandma McGowen's house and the boys got to do an egg hunt.

Happy 6th Birthday Norman

Norman is 6 now. He wanted a Bakugan party so he got one. At his party they played roll the Bakugan on the card, musical Bakugans, hot Bakugan and throw the Bakugan in the bucket. He had a blast and is already got the theme for his next 3 birthday parties planned.

Tuesday, April 7

Thank You

A BIG thanks to Genni and Wyatt for our Easter surprise. We got a knock on our door yesterday and found a bag with a craft and some goodies from Wyatt. Genni is always so thoughtful to think of her friends and their kids. It seems like every holiday we get a craft for our kids to make, an already made craft or a treat form them. Thank you again for being so thoughtful. My kids had a fun time making them.