Sunday, November 20

Joshua Tree

We are getting ready to start our hike into where we will be sleeping.

The next day after not sleeping well at all ready to hike back tot he cars.

Norman and his cool hiking stick.

Here we have Norman, Uncle Kevin, Stephen, Katherine, Megan, Mark, Henry, Uncle Pat, Cousin Elliott, Grandma Fox and Grandpa Fox.  We also had 2 other friends with us, the Jordan's.

We stop to climb some jumbo rocks.

Megan and cousin Elliott.

Uncle Kevin and Norman.

Mark, Henry, Stephen and Grandpa Fox.

The bucket is a luxury in these parts.  It is my toilet.

My handsome rugged hubby.

Megan and I hiking back.  I did most the work.

This is what Henry and Elliott did most the time on the hike.

Henry got tired.

Stephen being cute.

I got my turkey.

I have been looking for a turkey for the last few years and have not found much of anything good.  I found a picture of this online and made one.  I am so happy to have a turkey as part of my fall decorations.

Stephen's first motercycle ride.

Stephen on the quad.

Megan's first quad ride with daddy.

Henry playing in the dirt.

Norman on the big motorcycle.

Stephen's first ride on a motorcycle.  He drove it like he drives the quads, fast and reckless.

Megan and cousin Chloe.

Norman on the little motorcycle.

Thursday, November 17

This is Halloween.

Mommy and Megan as witches.

Norman with his candy stash.

Papa Smurf.