Thursday, December 16

Baby Heels!!!

I asked my friend if I could borrow these heels for a photo shoot.  They are so cute.

Tuesday, December 7

Here Comes Santa Claus!

Santa stopped in at his Moreno Valley home for a visit so we went over to say hi.  The kids got to sit on his lap and tell him what they wanted.  Megan did not seem to mind at all.  Then Santa gave them all huge stuffed animals from his sleigh.  After we enjoyed some teats some Christmas music and all the lovely Christmas decorations in his home.  I think their favorite thing to look at was the train going around the top of the room.  Also this year Santa had a big TV for the kids to watch Christmas movies on.

Double Prizes

I got a call from Stephen's Teacher that he was getting student of the month.  I went to the assembly and Norman got it too.  What a nice surprise.