Tuesday, July 27

Beach Camping

We went camping at the beach this year in a trailer.  I do not think that is considered real camping but I liked it.  My family goes to San Clemente Beach to camp each year.  The boys had a great time and so did Megan.  I think she did get sand on her on accident and she never touched the water because her daddy did not think she needed too.  This is coming from the guy who wears his sock and shoes down to the beach and does not take them off the whole time.

Stephen got a little sandy.
Norman and Henry playing in the sand.
This is how we roll.
All the cousins.
A bug in a cave.
Wagon rides.

Happy happy Henry.

Friday, July 9

Trip to Utah.

This is our trip to Utah.  We went to Salt Lake with Mark's parents and Lagoon with his family.  We had a great time.