Tuesday, June 15

Scripture Power

At church one of our teachers named Ruth gave a lesson about what will you do with your Summer and using your time for what is important.  She also talked about the power of an M&M for kids.  So I have been wanting to start scripture reading with the kids so I got a jar and filled it with M&M's and told my kids they get 5 every time we do Scripture Power.  Now I do not have to remember to do it because the kids remind me because they want that M&M.  I even tried to skip it once but they would not let me.

Hair Bow Board

I finished Megan's hair bow board and hung it up.  Now I can see all her bows and pick the one that will match best with her outfit.  Maybe I will borrow some since she cannot wear them all at once.

Swim time

Swim classes have started for my boys.  The first day Norman did great, Stephen tried to talk the teacher out of putting his face under the water and Henry cried the whole time.  Megan slept the whole time so I could concentrate on being worried about Henry.


Henry smashed most of his tooth out up to his gum line on Memorial Day.  The next day he had to have it pulled and that was pretty upsetting to him.  Now he cannot eat some food because he is on a soft foods diet and may lose the tooth next to it.  I did not think he would care about missing a tooth but he is very upset over it.  He wanted me to take this picture so he could see what he looked like.  Mark and I told him about his baby teeth and how it will grow back and he said, "it won't grow back, it won't."  He has been having a hard time with it so we are trying to give him some extra attention.

Thursday, June 10

Megan's Blessing

Megan was blessed on my birthday June 6th.  She wore a dress I bought her, a bracelet my sister Amber made and a hair bow I made that was not even bigger than her head, don't judge me.  Her shoes were too big for her feet so she wore pink socks.