Wednesday, November 14

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Norman made some Halloween decorations for us out of Legos.

Norman as a vampire.

Stephen as a Skeleton.

If you cannot tell the pumpkins are a cat, a Lego guy, Elmo and another Lego guy but with scary teeth.

Megan as Annie.

Henry as a ninja.

Henry at his school at the pumpkin patch.

These are Megan as Annie and Jake as Sandy.  Sandy was the dog from the movie.  My sister Rachel just got this dog and it was perfect as a prop.

Beach 2012

This was our summer beach trip.

Sunday, September 9

Summer Utah Trip

This summer in Utah we went to Lagoon with the Rasmussen family.  This was Megan's favorite ride.

We also visite4d Uncle Max's house.

This is the dinosaur museum.

We got to meet up with some old friends from Cali.

We saw the amazing Vernal parade.  It was very fun just like a giant water fight.

We got to have lots of time with cousins.

Friday, June 8

Birthday Buddy Extravaganza.

For mine and my sister's birthday this year we signed up at 16 different websites who promised us free stuff on our birthdays.  Only six of them gave us stuff and only maybe 4 were totally free.
This was our first stop at Denny's.  We got a free Grands Slam and only had to show our IDs to prove it was our birthday.  My sisters kids came with.  This is Ferris.

This was our next stop.  We were told we would get a dozen free doughnuts at Krispy Kream from a web site we had found.  What we got was nothing.  When I signed up I got one free doughnut for signing up so we split it.  It was key lime.  The lady inside was not too nice either but we did not let it ruin our day.

Next we went to Tai Pan and found this wrapping paper for $1 for both rolls.  What a steal.

After we dropped off the little ones with their Daddy we went to Baja Fresh for lunch.  We got a free burrito with any pruchase so I got a drink.  You may think I am getting full by now but being prego I can eat all day.

This is Rachel, she is 3 years younger, enjoying the salsa a little too much.  After that we went to Daphne's
  for a free pita burger, that we put in an ice chest for tomarrow.  We also had free Rubio's and cake from Buffilow wing stop but I am going to go get it in a few days.  We also have a buy one get one for Midieval Times and may use that later this month.
Next we went to Cold Stone.  We had a buy one get one any size so we got the biggest and waffle cones dipped in chocolate.  It was the girl who was working that days birthday too so she gave us extra ice cream and the waffle cones for free.  Score!  Yes, I ate the whole thing and that is when I was stuffed.

After Cold Stone we went to Rachel's to take an eating break since we both felt like we were going to barf.  We had a little pool party.  Then we went to Target to get ourselves some gifts.  You can see my baby bump already.  I can expalin, it is baby #5, just leave me alone.

Then we picked up a chauffeur to take us to Sephora for our free birthday suprise.  We got lip gloss.

To top off our day we went to Benihana's with our $30 gift cards from them.  It was our first time and it was very cool.

I am so glad my sister was born on my birthday so I could have a birthday buddy to do cool things with.  It was a great birthday.

Friday, April 27

BFF Best Feathered Friend

How did we become a bird family?  Henry begs for pets everyday.  He wants a duck, a fish, a tarantula, a scorpion and the list goes on and on.  My brother caught the bird above so we thought we would try it out.  When we took it to the bird farm to clip its wings and get it a proper cage the man told us the bird would not let us play with it so my friend who was with me told me to sell it to them and she would give me one of her birds.  So now Henry has a new best friend.  He loves the bird and tries to play with it all day long.  I have to make him take breaks so the bird can get some rest.  They watch TV together and do everything together.  I just hope he does not love it to death.