Friday, April 27

BFF Best Feathered Friend

How did we become a bird family?  Henry begs for pets everyday.  He wants a duck, a fish, a tarantula, a scorpion and the list goes on and on.  My brother caught the bird above so we thought we would try it out.  When we took it to the bird farm to clip its wings and get it a proper cage the man told us the bird would not let us play with it so my friend who was with me told me to sell it to them and she would give me one of her birds.  So now Henry has a new best friend.  He loves the bird and tries to play with it all day long.  I have to make him take breaks so the bird can get some rest.  They watch TV together and do everything together.  I just hope he does not love it to death.

Another Biker

We have another biker in the family.  With Norman's help we finally got Henry riding a two wheeler.

Good Night Babies.

This is how Megan plays babies.  She gets my dish rags and covers them up or their faces up.  Sometimes the babies lay on top of the rags.  Sometimes it is creepy to walk into a room and find a bunch of babies with rags over their faces.

Tuesday, April 17

Pinewood Derby

After loosing every single race last year Mark spent the big bucks and many a long hours to make sure our car was extra fast and it paid off.  Mark, I mean Norman, came in first. 

Girl Stuff

Megan found a really good use to the Easter baskets.  Now she can carry all her babies at once.

I finally painted Megan's toe nails for the first time.  It was so fun and she loved it.

Megan and her baby.

My sister Rachel braided Megan's hair for the first time.  I do not know how she got her to sit still to braid it and get the rubber band in.  It took me 10 minutes to just get the rubber band out. 

Happy Easter

As I go through all my pictures of the kids here in each shot Henry is working on another piece of candy on that candy necklace.  You can watch it shrinking.

Megan in her Birthday/Easter dress.

The boys got hula hoops

Norman is protecting his eggs with the lightsaber.


Mark surprised me with a cruise this year and it has always been my dream to go.  We went to Catalina and Ensanada and we even got brave enough to leave the boat at Ensanada for 20 minutes.  The only photos we ended up with are these.  They are all from Catalina but the Elephant towel.  I guess we had so much fun we forgot to take pictures or maybe it was because Mark slept the whole time from his meds to prevent sea sickness.  I got to do, eat and see lots of things I have never done before.  It was nice to be just Mark and me but 10 days later Mark is still moving around with the boat so we may never go again.  Good thing I have this photo of a towel elephant to remind me of it all.

Birthday Girl

Megan turned 2.  She was not a happy camper till she saw her Grandpa that day.  She was even able to blow out her own candles.