Thursday, January 22

Clifford the big red what?

We had fun with Clifford today. Aunt Linda got Henry a Clifford movie for his birthday and Stephen is watching it non stop.

Go Norman!

Norman got his first 1st place trophy. We were so excited to see it. He raced against about 14 other 4 and 5 year olds. Norman was a good 10 feet ahead of them all. Mark got another 3rd place. Good job boys.

Friday, January 9

Go, go Power Rangers

Norman's friend got a Power Ranger costume with muscles a few months ago and brought it to our house. My boys love to dress up and have Power Ranger costumes but without muscles so of course they wanted ones with muscles just like their friends. The friend asked his mom to buy them one but for some reason she did not. Luckily they got them for Christmas from Grandma so we had a Power Ranger play day. The friend's mom suggested a Spiderman play day also. I asked if his costume had muscles, ours do not, and when she said it did I told her they could not play Spiderman together, sorry boys.

Dino Fun

We had a nice day at the park with my sister Amber. It is so hard to get a good picture with all 3 kids happy and looking at the camera. Can you tell Stephen is the middle child and tries to get extra attention?