Monday, August 15


Megan was drinking out of my water bottle two weeks ago and fell and knocked her top front tooth back up into her gums, all the way back up.  There was blood everywhere and I took her to the dentist because I thought she broke it out and found out it was still all there just back where it started.  They said maybe it will come back down on its own and we will wait and see but for now no more pacifier or it could get infected and will have to be pulled.  Well I would rather have her have a tooth than a pacifier so we took it away and my perfect little angle baby girl has turned into a tantrumzilla.  She will not nap or go to bed without me holding her downstairs in front of the TV.  She also throws lovely tantrums all day long because she may still be in pain, has no way to comfort herself because her comfort object has been taken from her and is tired.  Poor poor Megan.  Here are two pictures of her in tantrum mode and a picture of her missing for now tooth.  We sure hope it comes back.

Tuesday, August 2

Angry Birds

This years theme for Mark's class room is Angry Birds.  I helped Mark come up with the idea and decorated his class room for him.  He has an Angry Readers section to help get his students motivated to read more.  The boys were so excited about the decorations.