Tuesday, February 17

Norman's Valentine

Norman came home from school with a pink Valentine. I was smiling, thinking it was for me, and asked who is that for. He said it is for Cheyenne and that he drew a picture of him holding her up to his face. Then He said he had another one for Daddy but that it was a surprise and he still had to make it. Then I said do I get one and he said sorry mom I could only make 2.


A few weeks ago for FHE I had Norman sing a solo and the boys asked what that was and I explained. The next week was Stephen's turn to pick the songs so for our closing song Stephen wanted his horse to do a solo. So he pushes the ear and the music is playing and it was so hard not to laugh. I am glad to know they are learning something during FHE.

Friday, February 6

Cupcake Cones

For Stephen's preschool I made them cupcake cones. I want to make them for Norman's class so this was my experiment and they turned out great. I had seen my friend Wendy had made them so I wanted to try and then I saw how to on the back of a cake box. The only problem will be trying to transport them to the school because cones do not stand up well. Any suggestions?

He Speaks!

Henry was in the front yard and I realized he was saying, "Ho Ho Ho". The after about the 8th time of him saying Santa I understood what he was saying. So he is finally saying words. He thinks our garden gnome is Santa but at least he can talk.