Wednesday, February 1

Look what I can do.

I wanted to clean out my china hutch and took a picture of my slowly turning to dust wedding bouquet because I was going to trash it.  As I was taking it to the trash Stephen stopped me and asked what I was going to do.  When I told him he said no I want it.  So I thought I should at least keep some part of it.  So I broke off the roses and trashed the rest.  When I brought the dried roses back in I tried sticking them in this metal ball I had and it looked really good.  So it is still living in my china hutch but with a fresh new look.  Thanks Stephen.

This is a baby shower cake I made.

Megan is getting so big.

Henry turns 5!

Henry had a Lego Ninjago birthday party this year.

We had a Ninja training center that started off with an obstacle course.

One of our games was keep the bad guy balloons away by keeping them in the air with chop sticks.  It was all fun and games till two kids got stuck.  I should have seen that coming.

Another part was to learn to use chopsticks.  I found chopstick helpers that the kids could operate.

This part of the training was to karate chop a graham cracker in half.