Monday, November 29

I forgot Halloween-6 new posts

I only made her wear it for 3 minutes so I could take the picture.

Henry as Captain America.

Mario and Princess Peach AKA Stephen and Megan.

Norman Mario with Princess Peach.

Henry getting some good use out of his shield.

Mark went as Dr. Mcdreamy again.

I am a Thomas the Train conductor.

Can you tell what the pumpkins are?


This is what was said about the size of Megan's hair bow on Sunday.  Am I going for cute hair bow, no.  I am going for ridiculous.  I think it has something to do with having my first girl after having 3 boys.  It just has to be times 3 with her.  If I had her first she would have had no hair bow or one 3 times smaller.  Someone did say it was bigger than her head but it clearly is no quite.  I have finally found one big enough.

Stephen is BMXing now!

My 3 BMXers.  Stephen did take home 3rd place this night, Norman 2nd and Mark 2nd.

Refueling station.

Henry trying to keep warm.

Megan and aunt Christine.

Day Out With Thomas 2010

Have you seen me?  Missing hair bow lost at Day Out With Thomas.  Is pink on a navy blue head band.  Owner would really like to have it back.  It almost ruined my day.  Yes, I know I have a problem. Not to worry, I have already replaced it.

We go for this one.  He is a Thomas addict.  Day Out With Thomas is like a Star Trek convention but with Thomas and for kids.

Yes, this was the best picture of the 3 of us.


I have no pictures on Thanksgiving but this was the Sunday before when we had Thanksgiving with my mom since she was going to be out of town.  Where is Henry you ask?  I don't know.


My boys did their first team sport, basketball.  It was fun for the older two but Henry would rather kick his ball around so we decided to not take him back.  Norman was good at it and Stephen was good at trying to distract the other team by spinning around or running at whoever had the ball, on his team or not, with arms flailing.  The best part about it is I am now the lucky owner of 3 buttons with my kids pictures on them.