Monday, April 19

Baby Ballerina!

It is so hard to take photos of her because she is hardly ever awake.

Friday, April 16

Poor Baby!

I took Megan to her 2 week check up and the doctor said she had a broken collar bone from her birthing experience. They tell me this is common but I do not know anyone who this has happened to. So if one of your kid has gotten a broken collar bone from birth let me know. From all my 3 crazy boys no broken bones and she pops out with one. And just so you know I do still remember I have 3 boys, they just do not wear new little outfits everyday to take pictures of.

Sunday, April 4


Easter was the first time I got to dress up Megan. It was so fun putting a dress on her and little shoes, a bracelet and hair bow. The boys love her so much and like to hold her. They get upset when she cries and like to show her their toys and teach her about them. Easter was fun. We went to both Grandparents houses and saw all the cousins.

April Fools

Megan Ann was born on April Fools Day at 6:52am. She was 8lbs 5oz and 19 in long. I told Mark if she was born on April Fools it was all his fault for joking around so much all the time. Norman thought we were playing a trick on him and kept asking my sister Rachel if we really had the baby.