Thursday, July 28

Our Summer Vacation to Philmont Scout Ranch

Our first stop on our trip was the Grand Canyon.  Henry is checking to make sure his belly button did not fall in.

Here the boys are showing us their finger guns.  Henry is trying to find his.

Megan with Daddy and Grandpa.
This is us at Meteor Crater.
Here is our tent.  Mark and the boys tented along the way and Megan and I slept in the 5th wheel with Mark's parents.

This is happy Megan right before she went of the end and scrapped up her face really bad.  I guess it was not a good idea to pull out the camera then.

This is the bush Norman fell into on day one of Philmont and got over 40 punctures in his skin.  Two had spikes in them from the bush a half inch long.
Norman at the top of Lovers Leap.

Look how dirty his hands and knees are after one day.  This is Stephen.

This is where we slept.

Henry break dancing.

Norman and Stephen dancing with cousins.

This is the girl Stephen fancied.

Henry's favorite thing was playing in the mud.
Some of the family on a tour.

Norman all decked out.
Mark on the last night. 

We went to Philmont with 20 of Mark's family members.  The first day of Philmont Megan scratched her face up really bad going off a slide head first and Norman fell in a spiky bush getting over 40 punctures in his body.  Tuesday Megan started throwing up and threw up all night.  Wednesday Mark hurt his knee and could not walk without crutches.  Thursday Stephen, Mark and I started throwing up.  This is when we decided to call it quits and come home a week early and miss the family reunion.  Today, 4 days after we get home, Norman and Henry start to throw up so the good new is there is no one left to get sick and hopefully we can get better now.  The boys had a blast and we are still glad we went.  We had lots of fun with Mark's family there.

Tuesday, July 12

Beach Week

We are loaded up and ready to go to the beach.

Megan hung out in the sand and with daddy.

The boys had a great time in the water.

Dog pile in the trailer.