Tuesday, June 14

My new favorite thing.

I used to love hair bows for Megan but now she will not wear them so my new favorite thing is tutu skirts.  My 2 friends each gave me one for her.  I only got good photos in one so far.  In the last photo I could not get her to look at me.  She was too busy making a mess in my kitchen.  I love how she holds her purse and walks around.  Yes, she is finally walking at 14 months.

Wild Hair

I told Norman I thought his hair would be curly like Megan's if is were longer so he tried to grow it out.  He refused to let me touch or cut it.  If I tried to style it he would mess it up more.  In these photos he let me run a comb through it.  it was sure fluffy.  Today I bribed him with a Slurpee and he let me shave it off.  Yeah for Slurpees.