Monday, October 26

How do they do it?

Today Henry comes running over to me very upset because he has got his head stuck in a DVD case. How did he do that? I start laughing and think, should I get the camera or pull it off? Mark says get the camera so I go to take the picture and he runs at me angry and swats the camera from my hands. I was laughing so hard. I am glad I got a shot because this picture is so funny.

Daddy to the rescue

On our way home from Grandma's house I hear Stephen's favorite line, "a little help here". I ask him what is wrong and he said he got his finger stuck. We get home and I go in the house and wonder why Stephen is not coming in. When I go to check on him he is sitting patiently with his finger stuck in his booster seat. We try to pull it out but cannot and he tells me we need to put oil on it to get it out. I bring out lotion and that does nothing so we bring him and the seat in the house and pour oil on it and nothing. We also tried to ice the finger to make is shrink because we are getting desperate. I tell Mark he is going to have to cut him out so be brings in wire cutters. Stephen is very worried we are going to cut his finger off. He keeps telling us to not cut it off. After 45 minutes of cutting we get his finger out in one piece. As for the booster seat it went out with the trash. Good job daddy.

Halloween party with my mom

We got to go to my moms wards Halloween party. Norman was Optimus Prime, Stephen was Superman, and Henry was Bakugan Master Dan. The first picture is my mom and Henry passing out candy in front of our monster van, the next one is Norman and Stephen sitting in the car eating their candy telling me they want to go home. The last one is Henry putting his Bakugans in his pocket.

We have been sick.

Someone in my family has been sick for the last 6 weeks. It just keeps going from one to the next and then back again. Right now we are working on getting Mark all better and then maybe we can take a few weeks off and be healthy.

Wednesday, October 7

Mark's baby has arrived

If you did not know Mark was expecting, well he was. Redline is 22.8lbs and 24 inches. His baby has arrived after months of waiting. He has been calling me all day asking if his baby is here yet. We had to move Henry out of his bed but I think we will have to get it a bigger one anyways so Henry, stop crying, you can have your bed back.


I guess this is the best place for a nap. Think I'll try it out right now.

Monday, October 5

Go Norman Go!

On Friday Norman had an assembly where he was named Student of the Month for October. He will get to go to lunch with the principal. He is the one in the red shirt.
On Friday Norman also got his big trophy to show he moves up to intermediate. He had to get 8 first places to advance. He was very happy and took the trophy to school today to show. I am very nervous it will get broken and I will have a very sad child on my hands.