Tuesday, March 29

Snow Day

Going up.

Going down.

Failed attempt at a snow angel.  He tried so hard and would get up and look and be so disappointed.  Sorry Henry.  That is what you get with man made melting snow.

Good Times

Family hike.

Henry with his favorite food, ketchup.  He loves ketchup on bread, rice and plain spaghetti noodles.

A warm day where we could play in the water.

Look at the curls.  She kept on taking off the hair bows and look what I found under the hair bands.  Curly red hair.  So cute.

I did not know that having a girl meant I was having a princess but she is one.

It is so hard to get a good picture of Megan because she cries when she sees the camera because she wants it.

Coach Rasmussen

Mark is the soccer coach for Stephen's soccer team.  Go Little Engines!!!

Henry and Megan having a ball with each other while watching the soccer games.

Norman kicking in his fist goal of the season.

Norman being goalie.

Thomas the Train

Stephen's School had it's annual transportation day parade.  Of course Stephen picked Thomas the Train.  We had lost of fun making Thomas "together".  He actually did help a bit.