Sunday, December 7


I started these January and just finished them. I made Norman's first because he wanted his first. He liked pink and purple then and wanted lots more of those colors on his stocking, I talked him into less. Now at the end of the year he likes red and blue and wanted me to change his stocking. Sorry Norman, no can do.

Christmas Presents

Baby Rudolph in his nest

Stephen has been watching the Rudolph movie and asks me to call him baby Rudolph. He has me make nests for him out of blankets. He sleeps in them at night too. Henry wanted a nest too one day.

Santa Dog

Monday, December 1

California Snowman

We are so excited for Christmas. The kids ask me every night if Santa is coming. We wanted to make a snowman and since snow is scarce and tumble weeds are a plenty we did our best.

Norman and Uncle Kevin

My brother Kevin vowed not to cut his hair until my other brother Michael returned from his mission. Michael has been gone 9 months.

Norman's first race

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This is Norman's very first race. The first one he comes in first, the Second race he comes in second, and the third race he comes in second so he takes home the second place trophy.

Our first race

Mark and Norman had their first race. Mark took home a 3rd place trophy and Norman a 2nd place trophy. I was so excited and am now waiting for Mark to put up a trophy shelf. We had some family come to watch and it was lots of fun.