Tuesday, November 24

Day Out With Thomas

For those of you who know Stephen you know he loves Thomas the train. We surprised him this year by taking him to Day Out With Thomas. He was very happy when we got there and he figured out what was going on. He could hear Thomas' whistle blow. He was so happy he even gave me a good smile for a picture. We got him a poster to remember the day and he asks almost everyday if we can go back. He was very interested in how Thomas got from the Island of Sodor to our planet as he called it. He had lots of questions.

Awards Assembly

Norman had an awards assembly where he got the Principal's Award for outstanding achievement and citizenship and he got the People Respecting Others award. During Norman's parent teacher conference his teacher told Mark that Norman is the only student that will play with the disabled kids. That warmed my heart to hear. During Norman's assembly Henry got a pretzel caught in his throat and choked and threw up. I was so happy that I was able to catch it all in the zip lock the pretzels were in with no mess. It was a very successful assembly.

If looks could kill.

Monday, November 23

Stephen's first movie

Here is Stephen's first Thomas movie he has made. He loves to get on You Tube and watch them so Mark helped him make his very own.


Wednesday, November 18

It's a Girl

My BFF Amber B brought me over an outfit right away and then watched my kids so I could go get one. I am so excited.

Thursday, November 5

Dr. McSteamy

Halloween is a magical time when you can be whatever your imagination can think up. Our van became a monster with sharp blood thirsty teeth, thanks to my mom. Mark turned into Dr. McSteamy, I was a wicked witch, Norman was Optimus Prime, Stephen was Superman, Henry was Bakugan Master Dan and Cheyenne was a dog. Really she has no imagination.