Monday, September 28

Fall Decor

The boys love helping me decorate for the different seasons. Fall decor is out.

Monday, September 21

Sleeping boy

Stephen got really tired at the beach. We tried to wake him and he was sleeping so violently sitting up we finaly layed him down. Mark woke him up by sticking a red vine in his mouth and while sleeping he starts to eat it and then wakes up by the time he is done.

Friday, September 11

No Espanol

My kids now love watching the Spanish PBS station. They found it one day and prefer it over English cartoons. They get mad when I try to change the station when the cartoons are over and the other shows start. It gives me a headache and drives me craze because I do not understand it. They ask me questions and I say, "I don't know I don't speak Spanish". Stephen likes to play Thomas on the Internet and now he wants to play it in Spanish so he does. One morning Stephen go in my bed and Norman was trying to get him downstairs and Stephen said he was too tired. Norman said, "Let's go put on Spanish cartoons" and Stephen said ,"Okay" and jumped out of bed. Maybe one day they will start speaking Spanish.